Holiday Gifts for Entrepreneurs: For The Business Owner in Your Life

The following is a guest post from Avky Inc co-founders Kyle Uchitel and Aleksandr Vasser of Phoenix, Arizona.

For those with a loved one that happens to also be an entrepreneur, finding suitable holiday gift ideas can be a challenge. What do you get someone who wants to increase profits and productivity, decrease costs, and enhance their customers’ experiences? Something from this holiday gift list, of course.

Holiday Gift Idea for Entrepreneurs #1: Wireless Headset

There are few people who talk on the phone more than an entrepreneur. A wireless headset lets them multi-task even more than before without being tethered to their phone or computer. If you can find a headset that also looks good on their noggin during a teleconference, you’ll have found a holiday gift to be gushed about for years to come.

Holiday Gift Idea for Entrepreneurs #2: Fireproof Safe

If you are buying this holiday gift for your spouse or partner, you may want to use one of the other gift ideas instead, as a fireproof safe is more of a practical gift than a romantic one. However, if saving money is something that really excites your loved one, this holiday gift may be the perfect choice as not only will it keep their business’ valuables safe, but it will also reduce their insurance costs.

Holiday Gift Idea for Entrepreneurs #3: Magazine Subscription offers a large selection of magazines for every hobby or interest, including entrepreneurs. Three magazine subscriptions for a year are only $30 USD (in the US only) and are a great way to extend a holiday gift throughout the entire year. Alternatively, you could try sending them a magazine from one of these Free Business Magazines.

Holiday Gift Idea for Entrepreneurs #4: A Retreat for the Senses

Your loved one works hard. Why not pamper them for a day and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts? There are two ways to go about giving this kind of holiday gift: either make your own “gift certificate” for a day of solace (including hot chocolate or a glass of wine, a bubble bath, massage, candlelit dinner and so forth), or purchase a gift certificate from a company like, which offers spa packages ranging from $25 and up for retreats all over the world.

Holiday Gift Idea for Entrepreneurs #5: Membership in a Business Group

Most entrepreneurs already belong to and pay dues for associations and memberships that relate to their business entity, such as the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce or specialty associations. Take a look around and see if there are other groups locally that they may want to either participate in or belong to – like a networking group, Toastmasters or the Guerilla Marketing Association, or even a business conference they may want to attend.

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