Disclosing the Secrets of Entrepreneurship

We have all experienced the anxiety of applying for employment, interviewing and inevitably proving yourself to be worthy of hire. We were all encouraged by guardians to go to college, get a traditional four year degree and “make something of ourselves.” Most of us worked our way through college dreaming every night about the big job that we are going to land after graduation. So when we finally obtain that degree, we get our first Direct Loan bill and we are employed by our initial jobs, fast food or waiting tables at restaurants. It had to be those horrific moments that helped us to appreciate the Blessing of a dream- seeking career.

Coincidently, we were raised observing our parents struggling everyday to maintain household expenses working for others. Therefore, we are apt to propel the tradition. So, the question remains the same. How long are we actually content with improving and implementing our skills as employees for minimum pay? Although promotions and raises are exciting and appear impressive on resumes, it is very uncommon for us to become CEOs of that cooperation. Incidentally, we are constantly fulfilling the employers’ expectations and goals. However, it is necessary to challenge the “norm” to build our economy and communities.


Entrepreneurship is defined as the act of launching or managing a business venture. The inclination of owning a business is often perplex as well as alarming to people who aren’t familiar with the concept. And to others who have contemplated the thought are apprehensive about resigning from full- time employment and job security. Yet, becoming an entrepreneur is inevitably rewarding and submissive to personal empowerment. Subsequently, we must seize opportunities that allow you to fulfill your personal dreams and visions. Fear does not have to rule our decisions we make or do not make. Bottom line, you only have one life to live!


Managing a business would be challenging and will require commitment and perseverance. Moreover, research confirms that the lack of a prominent mission statement and extensive preparation for entrepreneurship are the two (2) major determinants for failure. Therefore, it is important that if you elect to explore entrepreneurship, please be sure to establish what appeals to you and do plenty of research. You must have a passion for what you are selling, the business that you are attempting to establish. Don’t go into anything just for money value because there is a great chance that you will not be successful. You must have confidence and enthusiasm about your product and service. Be creative, and be sure that your product and service are in great demand. Considering a business plan will help you have an advantage over your competition. They are often required to assist entrepreneurs to think through their strategies, balance their enthusiasm with facts and recognize limitations. Marketing is certainly an imperative tool for exposure which is a major part of the business plan. It is recommended that you remember to set achievable goals for short-term success which, in my opinion would escort you to long- term inheritance.